Ultrasound Scanners

Aixplorer v8 ultrasound machine


Aixplorer relies on a revolutionary and patented software platform that acquires information at up to 20,000 images per second (200 times faster than conventional ultrasound).  This brings you not only the greatest advances in image quality, leaving behind ultrasound insufficiencies, but also, the speed and capabilities for continuous innovation.

This revolutionary systemis the only system one that images two different kinds of waves to better characterize tissue with MultiWave™ technology, equipping you with:

  • One ultrasound wave to ensure impeccable image quality
  • One shear wave to measure and display, in real-time,color-coded local tissue elasticity in kilopascals

ShearWave™ Elastography (SWE™) is a trusted and proven technology that is helping physicians around the world better diagnose their patients.

UltraFastTM Doppler, which unites Colour and PW Doppler into one mode, is another technological advancement made possible with Aixplorer’s ultrafast platform.  

In addition, the Aixplorer is a complete ultrasound system with an application specific focus.

A team of experts does a thorough investigation of the clinical imaging challenges you face in every application, so that the Aixplorer can bring you real value in finding answers to your most difficult questions. 

Are you ready to experience the Aixplorer?