Floor Mounted DR

Agfa DR 400: A floor-mounted DR solution that allows you to choose your own digital path at your own pace and that answers the need to deliver higher throughput with a lower cost per examination, all while providing excellent image quality

Created to meet the needs of community hospitals and private radiology practices, the DR 400 enables price-sensitive customers to join the drive to go digital. Its versatile floor mounted radiography system enables you to go from film to computed radiography (CR) to digital radiography (DR) – at your own pace and budget.

The DR 400’s floor mounted system comprises a radiographic table with integral floor guide rail and a wall-stand. Requiring little room preparation, it is easy to install and, at just 4 x 2 m in size, needs limited space. Complemented by a choice of generators and tubes, this compact in-room solution requires only a single person with minimal training to operate it, making it highly cost-effective.

Options include:

  • Motorized vertical tracking of the tube-head automatically adapts the height of the tube-head when the height of the bucky is changed, for better and easier patient positioning
  • 10-inch multi-functional display on the tube-head, automatically rotating, with image previews, radiographic parameters, and more
  • Automatic cassette size sensor in the rotating bucky that controls the automatic collimator and speeds up the workflow
  • DAP (Dose Area Product) meter: either external (with the manual collimator) or internal (for the automatic collimator)


Product Information

If you would like to know more about our range of Floor-Mounted X-Ray systems, please feel free to download the product information sheets below. Alternatively, if you would like to speak to one of our knowledgeable team about a specific product, or to get advice on the most suitable system for your organisation, please feel free to email us at sales@cass.co.nz