Ceiling Mounted DR

The speed and intelligence of SmartXR AI and the precision and movement of ZeroForce technologies all come together seamlessly in the fully automated DR 600, to deliver a streamlined workflow, increased throughput and enhanced experience for patients and operators alike. Even in the busiest imaging environment.

In your high-throughput imaging environment, speed, precision and comfort are at a premium. Agfa have built upon their long-term experience and close relationships in radiology and beyond to design a top-performance digital X-ray room: the DR 600 high-productivity, direct radiography (DR) imaging solution. What makes the DR 600 special isn’t only its individual features and capabilities: it’s how they come together in a complete and integrated solution that provides high quality images, while maximizing productivity, versatility and ease of use


Why choose the DR 600? Excellent image quality provided by our most advanced generation MUSICA image processing software Single or multi-detector, high-productivity and high throughput digital X-ray room Full automation, auto positioning and auto-tracking Zero Force Technology, offering smooth operation with almost zero effort for manual movements Significant potential for dose reduction1, with the Caesium Iodide detector Handles a broad range of general radiography and tomosynthesis exams DR Full Leg/Full Spine capability with EasyStitch technology for both standing and recumbent patients Predictive workflow assistance from Agfa’s SmartXR Assistant, supporting improved productivity and consistent outcomes: SmartAlign, SmartPositioning, SmartDose and SmartRotate LiveVision technology, enabling accurate radiation dosefree remote positioning

Product Information

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